Do your parents keep complaining about how distracted, apathetic or impatient you are when you are not even trying to be any of this on purpose? What about an occasional conversation about how you have everything easy and how you take everything for granted? Well, what if I told you that your grandparents complained about your parents too and that your great-grandparents complained about your grandparents and so has this been happening for a long time.

A few days back, there was a guest speaker at my school and he talked exactly about this. He said that every generation has complained about the generation after them and there is nothing new this time.

He said that we should not get worried about this, instead he told us to use these misunderstood qualities of say – being distracted – and turn it into the the art of multi-tasking. Take your apathy and apply this to situations where you need to make decisions and take objective decisions. Take your impatience and turn it into ambition: why wait for someone to do something for you and waste time when you can learn a skill and do it yourself, the way you want, when you want, because if you want some thing done you gotta do it yourself.

Finally, take this sense of entitlement that we have and turn it into empowerment; use the resources that your parents have given to you and do something with it in a way that you give back to them and the society. At the same time you can make a social impact by helping others channel their potential into something great.