Last week I read an article about Mr. Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon. The article told me about how Mr. Bezos doesn’t meet any Amazon investors for more than six hours a year and therefore manages to find a balance between family and work. When he calls a meeting, he employs a two-pizza rule, basically he calls only as many people as can be fed by two pizzas this is an important rule because the more the people the more the ideas and the more the ideas the harder it is to make a decision. Mr. Bezos also has one after-dinner ritual doing the dishes. The last thing and most important thing is that he has made Amazon an impartial place which is important because, well “The day you treat everyone the same you have attained greatness.”


I think this article sends two important things one, the small things make the big moments and two, no matter how big you become you still have to do the small things like making your bed or doing the dishes.