Have you ever been in a Flood? I have and it truly is a unique experience in ways both good and bad.


On Tuesday I left my school at 2:00 pm. A few people who lived far away, like me and a couple of friends, got to leave early due to flooding in our areas. my friend’s dad as came to pick us up. On the way back, we got stuck in wheel deep water and we moved forward it became deeper and deeper. Then suddenly I felt wet and cold in my left shoe, I looked down and realised that the water had entered the car and we all went hay wire, we started screaming swearing  under our breath and what not. Finally when uncle got to know we turned around went back and stayed in my friend’s, mother’s office we had some pav bhaji (luckily a restaurant was still delivering) and passed our time by playing games like Antakshari, Atlas etc. Finally, at 2:00 in the morning, we decided to leave for our own homes as the floods had receded. When I reached home I was so exhausted and the minute I hit my pillow I was fast asleep.