Hi my name is Dhruva, this year I went to Italy with my family and I would love to share some of my experiences with you (along with some interesting historic tidbits).So, here we go!

Vatican City

We started for the Vatican early because as the day goes by it becomes hot and the crowds swell up, when we

got off at the nearby bus stop we had just turned around the corner when we saw the long line and I don’t mean the line that you wait to get your ticket to the movies or to the airplane I’m talking about a mile long line in which you could wait for the entire day and not get a turn but thanks to my mom who booked the tickets beforehand, we didn’t have to wait in line. After we entered we proceeded to our tour desk and took our tickets. The Vatican museums are linked to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.
The museums have three floors and the believe it or not the top most floor is the entrance below which is the Circus of Nero and below that is the cemetery. Finally after a ten minute waitwe were given audio devices and headphones, our guide was a nice old lady. She told us about the Sistine chapel (you can’t speak in it because it is sacred so she told us at thestarting of tour). The Sistine Chapel was the Pope’s personal chapel and it was first painted by many artists at the same time but none of them were

original and made similar paintings and once in a while the same identical person used to pop up in two different paintings by two different artists.



The pope got tired of seeing such similar paintings so he called Michelangelo to paint his chapel. When Michelangelo came, he started on the roof. After three paintings someone told him that you couldn’t see the paintings from the ground because the characters were too small and too many, so Michelangelo started from the other side with bigger and lesser characters.

We had learnt about Rome and its ancient history in class and I love history so I had a sudden historic sense to stay near the guide and hear her first hand. I also knew lots of the things she told, so once in a while when she tried to make it interactive or pause on a sentence I would answer and she would say ‘wow’ or ‘bravo’ andonce when I answered she even called out to my parents congratulating them.



After an exhausting tour of the Vatican we were hungry and tired, so we went to a place my dad had searched up and it is one of the hidden gems of the Vatican and it is called Arlu. It is a small restaurant a few turns away from the museums. Their food is fabulous and the location has a strong character and the spaghetti carbonara is worth a try.