The third habit is put first things first. In this habit Sean shares the 4 quadrants that we spend our time in quadrant 1 is the procrastinator. The procrastinator is addicted to urgency and flourishes in pressure. He/She thinks it is impressive to not study and cram the last night and get a good grade. the problem with this is that you might get the grade but you’ll probably forget everything the moment   you walk out of the examination. So it won’t help you in the long run. The next quadrant is the Yes-man. He just tries to please everyone and lives life for others, he can’t stand up for himself cause he thinks that might offend his friends, and he never sets clear expectations and therefore ends upon being able to live up to them and that disappoints everybody. The next quadrant is the slacker. All this dude ever thinks of is lazing around and does everything except good things in excess. The last quadrant is the Prioritiser. Now this quadrant its where you wanna be. She isn’t perfect but she’s got one habit that steers her clear of most trouble – planning. This means that she doesn’t wait for a crisis to occur before getting to work. She does all the things she’s supposed to do and still manages to get time for herself.